Commit 9c30e701 authored by Baudouin Feildel's avatar Baudouin Feildel
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Fix package extension

parent f798ce1b
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......@@ -44,13 +44,13 @@ package_get_depends()
CURRENT_ACTION="Install package from disk"
invoke_pacman -U --noconfirm "$WORKDIR/$1/"*.pkg.tar.xz || log_error
invoke_pacman -U --noconfirm "$WORKDIR/$1/"*.pkg.tar.zst || log_error
CURRENT_ACTION="Save package as artifact"
cp "$WORKDIR/$1/"*.pkg.tar.xz "$SRCDIR/packages" || log_error
cp "$WORKDIR/$1/"*.pkg.tar.zst "$SRCDIR/packages" || log_error
add_to_digest "Save OK"
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